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Coding and Robotics Program this Holidays

This is a call-out to students age 11 to 14 years who want to make a positive change in the world through robotics and coding.


Your child will have so much fun learning coding and robotics in fascinating and contemporary societal themes like smart cities, automation, healthcare, smart food production, bionic limbs, and much more. We engage your child and build confidence so they can successfully participate in future opportunities and solving future problems by developing the right skill-set and the right mindset.

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  • Learn robotic construction, engineering, and coding from the safety and comfort of home

  • Robotic kit delivered to your home, free

  • Live online, real-time coaching, and classes recorded for continuous learning

A Perfect Education Model For Our Times

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  • Fascinating, contemporary, highly relevant theme-based courses

  • Solve real-world problems with robotics

  • Hardware assembly, coding, and fun challenges

Fun and Exciting Courses

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  • Growth Mindset for success

  • Seven Survival Skills, the transferable 21st-century skill-set

  • Design Thinking and Computational Thinking

Personal Development Included

  • Robot Hardware Kit included

  • Fee Delivery

  • Coding Software LIcence

  • Official Certificate on completing

  • Age group suitability: 11 to 14 years

  • Suitable for children looking to explore robotics, coding and to build on STEM skills

Suitability and Inclusions

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